emagine – your direct access to high-level expertise

Agile, competent, value-added our expertise to help you achieve your project goals

Companies require highly skilled experts who possess technological expertise and at the same time have an acute understanding of business and industries.

As your partner in flexible work models, emagine helps you leverage these sought-after specialists in IT, engineering and business consulting.

Our clear focus on selected industries and technologies empowers us to fully understand your business challenges. We help you integrate new technologies and processes into your business operations and thus generate genuine and measurable value.

emagine – the right combination of competence for the best possible results and tangible benefit!

emagine in numbers

  • 8 locations in three countries: Germany, France and the UK  
  • > 850 staff working on client projects 
  • 106 million euros of revenue in 2016
  • 300 clients provided with freelance experts per year
  • 3/4 of our clients work with us on more than one project
  • Over 50% of our clients say we are their preferred supplier
  • 3,000 project proposals received and processed each year
  • 60% of recommended consultants who are interviewed by our clients are subsequently appointed by the project company
  • To date, our consultants have been involved in assignments in 24 countries
  • Almost 30 years' experience in the market