Message from the CEO

Jean-François Bodin, CEO emagine group

Jean-François Bodin, CEO emagine group


emagine helps companies optimise their business processes

Given the rate of globalisation and the astounding expansion in the use of mobile and digital technology, companies need to adjust quickly to ever-changing market conditions.

As technology becomes a more integral part of every kind of business, complexity is intensifying and the nature of every industry continues to develop and change.

In order to exploit the potential of new trends to the full, companies require highly specialised experts with the appropriate blend of business and industry knowledge underscored by technology expertise.

At emagine, we believe that the best way to provide our customers with the valuable support they require is to understand their business challenges and needs. Our strategy is therefore to focus on selected industries and technologies. This enables us to help companies integrate new technology and processes into their business operations – and in doing so, generate genuine value-added.

Clear focus detailed understanding

We proactively recruit consultants with the right background to become fully operational and contribute to our clients’ projects from day one, thus immediately leveraging their experience gathered on previous projects.

As a result, we continue to develop successful long-term relationships with global companies in France, Germany and the UK. Our focus is on growth markets such as the telecommunications industry, the finance sector, transport, the automotive industry, and the power and utilities sector.

We strive continuously to expand our areas of expertise with the aim of widening the scope of services rendered to each key industry. So on the one hand, we empower our employees to develop continuously. On the other, we seek close collaboration with top-notch experts around the world, with the aim of becoming their preferred partner.