Flexible solutions from emagine: the right specialists at the right time

Individual project team selection matched ideally to your requirements

As your professional staffing partner we help you avoid success-critical human resources bottlenecks – with a perfect line-up of professionals made up of IT experts, engineers or business specialists.

Holistic solutions for projects worldwide

Compared to small, more specialised suppliers – who typically only work locally – and large multi-regional suppliers – who frequently lack client focus – emagine is geared to the professional fulfilment of staffing requirements at both ends of the spectrum. This is thanks not only to our international presence but also to our ability to focus closely on individual client needs.

We offer our clients:

  • Agile, holistic solutions
  • Maximum value-added
  • A commitment to sustainable and long-lasting partnerships
Holistic solutions for projects worldwide

The value you derive from emagine's support

However specialised the technology required, however unique the process competence you require – emagine has the right experts for you at hand.
We are committed to delivering you the ideal solution!

When you call on emagine for support, we provide professional coordination and a single point of contact:

  1. We pinpoint all project requirements and quickly identify the right consultants for your needs, drawing on a permanently up-to-date pool of specialists. The experts who support you are a perfect match for your project, with the detailed knowledge and experience you require.
  2. We send you the profiles of potential candidates, including a detailed assessment how they fit to your project and how they can help you achieve your goals. This is typically based on our extensive previous working relationship with the consultant.

We make it much easier for you to:

  • Focus on your daily business
  • Enhance your business agility by quickly responding to human resource bottlenecks
  • Maintain full operational freedom

  • Boost the efficiency with which you complete your projects
  • Lower your costs by answering your entire personnel needs through a single source