Turning content into a valuable business asset

emagine provides strategic advice on how to use content effectively

Companies produce copious amounts of content for internal and external audiences. But how effective is this content? And how cost-efficient are the processes employed to manage it?

emagine undertakes highly successful content projects, providing strategic advice on that asset. We help companies:

  • Raise their brand profile
  • Reduce expenditure and costs
  • Improve services to existing customers
  • Improve customer loyalty and spend
  • Acquire new customers

Our experts combine high value with high quality

Our experienced writers, journalists and interviewers are experts at ‘getting under the skin’ of organisations. This insight is the foundation for all our content strategy, audit, production and training projects.

Our methodology puts the emphasis on high-value, high-quality work with tangible deliverables within tight time frames, rather than on time-consuming project management processes.

Our services

  • Content strategy
    We advise on how you can use content to meet your strategic business and communication aims, e.g., expanding to new markets through multi-language mobile sites.
  • Health check
    What content do you have? Is your target audience consuming it and if so, how? How could it be improved? How is your content being produced and archived? What content should be retained, revamped and deleted?
  • Create
    In a multi-channel world, we advise clients to “create once and publish everywhere”. We produce infographics, animations, photography, short films and texts for clients to be used across all digital channels.
  • Equip
    More and more organisations are asking staff to produce their own content for internal and external consumption. We train in-house teams to produce their own reports, thinkpieces, blogs and tweets, video and more.