Minimising financial and regulatory exposure through enhanced risk management

Change across all financial markets

The landscape within the financial markets has undergone an unprecedented level of institutional and structural change since the credit crisis of 2008.

Companies within capital markets, investment management, retail banking and insurance are experiencing increased levels of scrutiny on capital requirements, trading strategies and regulatory reporting from shareholders, regulators, governments and cross-state institutions. They need expert know-how to comply with those requirements.

Subject-matter expertise first-hand

emagine is unique in having the experience of providing IT consulting services to the financial markets over the last 25 years. We have experienced the risk and regulatory challenges to the landscape with our customer’s first-hand.

Our services include, but are not limited, to:

  • Advisory services on regulatory changes (Basel II, III, IMM Waiver, Dodd-Frank)
    Subject-matter expert knowledge to interpret the regulatory initiatives
  • Quantitative Modelling / Risk Management
    Assessment and remediation of pricing libraries and models (C++, C#, Java) to support new queries and product coverage, giving clients greater assurance on capital and liquidity across the balance sheet
  • Risk Data Analysis and Architecture
    Aggregation of risk data, ETL analysis, design, development and new technological integration
  • Regulatory Reporting
    Assessment of the regulatory landscape, designing and developing the systems that will drive reporting and disclosures (COREP, FSA, IRR, IFRS) 
  • Advisory services on OTC Clearing
    for buy and sell-side customers

How we work

  • Defining the objectives and working to specific milestones and deadlines
  • Providing subject-matter experts, leaders and technical specialists to support any shortfall in expertise
  • Supporting strategic solutions to the technical risk issues (including fault tolerance, repair and re-run)
  • Understanding the business and technical challenges, documenting  recommendations

Why it works

  • Offering productivity and ROI to our customers
  • Reducing the pressure on internal managers and staff to keep up-to-date of the new regulatory changes
  • Offering customers a long-term and scalable platform
  • Improving strategic regulatory decision-making within our customers and their relations with appropriate regulators