Adding Value from your Timestamp – The advantages of Atomic clocks

Hyper-accurate timestamps to increase your market potential

emagine offer a “best of breed” solution for time stamping which not only provides industry leading accuracy of up to 10 nanoseconds, but also enables you to timestamp your trade flow from end-end; we do not just provide a source of time, we distribute time.

With our hyper-accurate timestamp you can recognize benefits such as:

  • Internal systems efficiency – getting you to market faster and more effectively
  • Trading insights that identify when others seek to exploit your latency profile
  • The ability to mask aspects of your latency profile from other market participants
  • Data insights that can be leveraged across the business in marketing to clients, dispute resolution and regulatory compliance.

These are a few of the ways our system can give you true returns on investment and increase your market potential, all of which can give you an edge over your competitors. For further insight as to how our end to end solution can help you increase revenues, decrease costs or aid you in becoming compliant, please see our download.

We combine business results with state of the art technology

We provide services in a 4 tiered solution so that it can suit the need of your business and strategic goals.

  • < UTC ± 1ms
  • < UTC ± 1us
  • < UTC ± 100ns
  • < UTC ± 10ns

Our 100ns solution was developed to overcome the difficulties with providing accurate time to co-located servers. We are the only provider to develop an atomic clock which connects to your network card and provides hyper-accurate timestamps without the need for extra rack space.

Our Grandmaster clocks are powered by an Atomic chip Quantum CSAC – “chip scale atomic clock” which uses a Caesium 133 base core.

These cores allow for us to provide accurate time without any source input at various levels within our tiered offering, achieving weeks of accurate timestamps with no source time input.

With 3 lines of redundancy we are able to provide certified accurate time with true confidence; our Grandmaster clocks regulate each other to eradicate drift along with our patented algorithms.