Experienced specialists for manufacturing, construction and commissioning

With emagine, you complete your projects successfully

The search for qualified construction and manufacturing specialists can be a difficult task. Main reason: production sites are often located in countries that seem unattractive to the company’s own employees.

At emagine, our network of experts draws on many specialists, who are open to new experiences and are ready to work wherever they are needed.

Highly specialised experts with product experience

Enormous pressures due to a lack of scheduling flexibility are a central challenge for construction and commissioning. Flexible experts with specialist know-how and proven product experience can help you adhere to deadlines and keep everything under control during critical project phases.

From the construction supervisor to the welder

emagine gives you access to a vast pool of engineers – and this applies to:

  • Manufacturing in the automotive industry, the transport industry (especially railways) and mechanical engineering
  • Construction and commissioning in plant engineering and building.

You have the same access to our experienced construction supervisors as you do to our specialists in more front-line positions. This includes experts like software engineers, specialist engineers, construction specialists and welders.