Rely on our specialists for a solid IT infrastructure in your company

emagine supports IT managers on their projects

These days, virtually all business processes are IT-supported. That's why a reliable IT infrastructure with sufficient computing power is all the more important for your company to support business objectives such as revenue growth, customer retention and regulatory compliance.

It is the IT managers' task to:

  • Guarantee optimum performance of technical systems
  • Stick to reduced budgets and limited space for servers and other hardware
  • Keep an eye on IT security issues
  • Manage disaster recovery, business continuity and cloud computing
  • Build a virtualisation management strategy and adopt tools to support it
  • Secure green computing, in order to sustainably reduce energy consumption
  • Stay ahead of data centre trends.

emagine covers diverse areas of competence

The tasks the IT department of your company is facing today more and more require specific expertise. Depending upon which IT strategy you are pursuing – emagine has specialists available from various areas.

A selection of our offers for you

  • Virtualisation
  • Management and transformation of data centres
  • Software packaging and deployment
  • Project management

  • Systems architecture
  • Implementation
  • Engineering and support for Microsoft, Unix and Linux
  • Programme planning