Specialists for the entire software development life cycle

Software solutions that are an ideal match with your requirements

The role of modern IT applications is to support nearly all enterprise processes. To implement new software, companies need to consider two options:

  • They can roll out standard software with sufficient customisation to the specific requirements in the company
  • Or they can develop proprietary software.

Knowing this, our approach is to review a variety of key factors to pinpoint the right solution to support your business processes:

  • Your specific industry conditions
  • The defined business processes
  • The existing IT infrastructure
  • Specifications by clients, partners or suppliers

Experts for all phases of application development

emagine has the expertise to find the right answer for you – with specialists for all phases of application development:

Phases of application development

Out of our vast pool of experts, we put together the ideal team of specialists for you:

  • Experienced project managers
    to coordinate tasks and supervise the progress of your projects
  • Astute business analysts
    adept at uncovering gaps in your operating environment and defining work flows
  • Superior software architects
    to support your project from initial application through to spearheading your database design
  • Enthusiastic testers
    in quality assurance
  • Dedicated release managers
    to debug codes and keep your software solution operating smoothly