emagine customer reference: quality assurance involving the programming of a mail order app for a retail company

Business challenge:

  • Quality assurance for the writing of a mobile app for iOS end devices involving manual and automated testing methods

  • Simultaneous upholding and improvement of testing processes

  • Live connection to a complex backend which made it necessary to maintain a high standard of pertinent interfaces and key performance indicators

Services provided by emagine:
Managers with specialist knowledge and IT skills

  •  A specialist in iOS, Android, Multi Device Platform, XML, Java etc. to manage the sub-project and provide agile testing management of innovative products

  • An expert who provided an interface between specialist requirements and the technology

  • Work over a project duration of 9 months

Successful application launch

  • Functional and technical quality assurance and a report on processes from the initial story to approved release

  • App was launched successfully and is now available in the App Store