Engineering know-how for the construction of a high-speed train in China

Business Challenge:

The client needed experts to

  • monitor and safeguard the quality of manufacturing processes

  • support the production team by providing training, carrying out strategic planning and applying their expertise (especially in the field of welding) to the project

  • report directly to the client’s Technology Management department and the Chief Engineer, while cooperating closely with related departments and being supported by the client’s locations in China and Europe

Services provided by emagine:
Highly skilled specialists to support the production team

  • Find the most suitable candidate, emagine carried out a thorough search on three different levels:

  1. a search in local companies and in a database of freelance engineers
  2. a more detailed search via specialist skill platforms and Asia-specific platforms
  3. contacting selected engineers who had worked for Asian companies on a freelance basis

  • Candidates were actively supported in preparing the necessary admin for the project in China, like visa, medical care, tax issues, work permit and search for accommodation

Optimum value thanks to our engineers’ successful contribution

Our engineers

  • applied their professional experience and shared their expertise and skills, primarily in the area of aluminium welding, resulting in a transfer of expertise to the client (best practice)
  • supported the client by developing, explaining and clarifying welding procedures, certification systems and quality assurance methods

  • supervised and supported the project during the planning and design phase in order to bring in their production expertise at the earliest possible stage

  • supervised production activities and took action where needed to ensure product quality

  • planned and conducted training and certifying programmes for welders before the start of production

  • reported to the Chief Engineering team, supported it, and checked that all required documents were in line with appropriate norms and standards