Non-strategic supplier management for large French telecom operator

Business Challenge:

Client Procurement had four targets (to a certain extent conflicting):

  • Reduce the number of suppliers
  • Maintain direct access to the skills market (especially for niche resources)
  • Facilitate rapid reductions in direct purchasing costs
  • Enhance management of project contract with deliverable

Services provided by emagine:
Supplier management and provision of expertise from a single source

  • Full handling of non-strategic IT providers
  • Management of procurement, contractual processes and invoicing
  • Introduction of Service Level Agreements and regular reporting
  • Audits to enhance the quality of services

Outcome: Optimum value for money

  • Increased transparency among external IT providers, with direct improved comparability
  • Standardised procurement processes
  • Reduced cost of managing external IT providers
  • Niche and infrequently used resources now offer optimum value for money