IT and engineering experts for the automotive industry

The road ahead

The automotive industry is driven by innovations such as electric vehicles, intelligent advanced driver assistance systems, and the integration of web applications into vehicles. So-called connected cars unite the worlds of car manufacturing and mobile connectivity. Businesses in the automotive industry are also feeling the pressure of rising costs due to growing global competition. 

Save on costs with IT

Modern IT solutions, for example based on SAP, optimise business processes and thus help reduce costs. Huge savings potential is emerging at business interfaces, for example between areas like development (CAD data) and production. Efficient process management can improve cooperation between manufacturers and suppliers.

emagine moves you forward

Car manufacturers and suppliers rely on highly specialised engineers and IT experts to implement these developments successfully in everyday practice.

With emagine, you will find exactly the engineers and IT specialists equipped to address critical business, innovation or process issues. Thanks to our longstanding automotive experience we understand the industry’s requirements to the last detail.

The competence areas of our experts