Experts for insurance providers

Specialist support during your change processes

The insurance sector is marked by fast-moving change more than most industries. At emagine we provide the expertise you need to manage these changes professionally:

  • Adapt your products in response to societal change (demographic change) and environmental factors (natural disasters)
  • Match your product portfolio to the demands of your clients
  • Anticipate changing preferences
  • Find new ways to stand out from the competitors as competition intensifies.

Manage risk with efficient IT

emagine has the expertise it takes to support insurance companies during the implementation of change processes. In particular, this relates to the increasing number of legal requirements, most importantly:

  • Solvency II
  • SEPA
  • The introduction of unisex tariffs.

Our specialists combine technological skills with sector know-how to match those new requirements to your existing IT solutions.

We have been offering support to insurance companies for many years. To date, we have provided more than 100 specialists, fuelling turnover of more than €20m.