Know-how for the power and utilities sector

The transition to renewable energy

The European energy market is currently undergoing dramatic change. The main driver is the increased use of renewable energy. Companies in this sector will face a variety of new challenges in the future:

  • Alternative forms of energy need to be developed.
  • New energy generation plants must be constructed to close the capacity gap left by the decommissioning of nuclear power plants.
  • The discontinuation and removal of nuclear power plants alone will require extensive expert knowledge.
  • Power grids have to be expanded significantly for improved coverage.
  • To safeguard power supplies and intelligent energy distribution, trained engineers are in high demand.

Experts for concept development, installation and commissioning

Whether you are a power plant operator or energy supplier: Over the coming years you will need a multitude of technology experts with a wide variety of specialisations. The main focus will be on:

  • Quality improvement, e.g. by introducing quality standards and process management systems
  • Cost reduction, e.g. by implementing new technologies
  • Energy efficiency

emagine maintains a portfolio of engineers for the energy and supply sector. We will offer support during each phase of the product lifecycle in system engineering – from concept development and planning to installation and commissioning.

By seconding engineers around the world, emagine contributes to the strategic development of our clients. Currently, we are assisting a leading manufacturer of offshore wind farms through the provision of several specialists from the area of concept development (scheduling, HSE, QA/QC) and offshore installation.