Patrick Sorrentino, Trine Holm Rasmussen, Rikke Bang, Anders Gratte with south harbour Copenhagen in the background.

Patrick Sorrentino (CEO, Peak Consulting Group), Trine Holm Rasmussen (Country Manager, emagine Denmark), Rikke Bang (Partner & Head of Training i Peak Consulting Group) and Anders Gratte (Group CEO, emagine) at emagines HQ in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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emagine joins forces with Peak Consulting Group

– strengthening the position within IT and management consulting services

Today, the IT consultancy emagine announces the acquisition of the Nordic management consultancy, Peak Consulting Group. Thereby, emagine further strengthens its profile as a leading European challenger to the large and established IT and management consultancies. This acquisition is emagine's sixth investment in under three years.

Copenhagen, 27 October 2022

One step closer to realizing emagine's vision

The leading supplier of business and IT consulting services, emagine, formerly ProData Consult, continues its series of acquisitions and now joins forces with the established Danish/Norwegian consultancy, Peak Consulting Group. This addition is a strategic step in realizing emagine's ambition to become the European market leader in business and IT consultancy services.

– By virtue of a solid business model and experienced consultants, Peak Consulting Group has created a strong position in a market with a very high demand for advisory and consulting services, coupled with the implementation of business-critical IT projects and strategic initiatives, says Anders Gratte, CEO of emagine.

– For us, this is a perfect match. We are similar in many ways and share the same ambitions to create solutions and strategic results together with our clients. At the same time, with the addition of Peak Consulting Group's employees, we receive access to a broader range of skills and services within strategy, advisory, management, and competence development. We look forward to bringing that into play with our current clientele, Anders Gratte says.


  For us, this is a perfect match. We are similar in many ways and share the same ambitions to create solutions and strategic results together with our clients.

Anders Gratte, emagine


Patrick Sorrentino is CEO of Peak Consulting Group with Anders Gratte, Group CEO of emagine

Anders Gratte (right), Group CEO of emagine together with Patrick Sorrentino, CEO of Peak Consulting Group.

A complete partner to clients

Peak Consulting Group is one of Scandinavia's leading management consultancies and course providers. Since its establishment in 2006, the company has envisioned being a preferred alternative to the large established IT and management consultancies.

Peak Consulting Group has thus assisted the public sector and major Danish and international clients with some of their most complex and critical projects. In 2022, Peak Consulting Group expects a turnover of approx. 265 million DKK.

– We are looking forward to becoming part of emagine's exciting development in Denmark, Norway, and the rest of Europe, and we are excited to get to know new clients and colleagues, says Patrick Sorrentino from Peak Consulting Group, continuing;

– Together we are stronger and occupy a unique position in the market. We become a partner who can offer clients strategic advice and professional impact combined with the ability to execute strategic projects, as well as to scale with specialist skills in a flexible setup. In other words, we can help shape strategic IT projects, execute them and bring them over the finish line. We are a partner all the way, says Patrick Sorrentino.

Peak Consulting Group has furthermore the past 16 years delivered courses, certifications, and training on all levels to private and public companies and organisations. The courses have a special focus on project-, program-, and portfolio management.

Together with emagine, there is a huge opportunity to expand this offering.

– We are already a big player in the Danish market for training and courses. But together with emagine, we have a unique opportunity to create a stronger position in Denmark while scaling this offering to the rest of Europe, where we see great potential, says Rikke Bang, Partner and Head of Training in Peak Consulting Group.


  Together, Peak Consulting Group and emagine can help shape strategic IT projects, execute them and bring them over the finish line.

Patrick Sorrentino, Peak Consulting Group


A direct response to the market's demands

And the right combination of strategy and execution power, as well as a unique hybrid model consisting of permanent consultants and highly specialized, closely linked independent consultants, are strategic key components for emagine.

Since the labor market is characterized by greater mobility among the workforce and an increasing tendency for professional experts to become independent consultants, this is the future model for delivering highly qualified advisory and consultancy services in Europe – something emagine's results also testify to.

– Peak Consulting Group works with a competitive mix of its own senior consultants and permanently associated specialists. This means we have a great deal of professional knowledge and experience internally. This model also provides great flexibility so that we can scale up effectively in relation to the clients' needs. We want to take on more strategic projects and tasks for our clients, and we can do that much more with the experienced forces Peak Consulting Group has, says Anders Gratte.

The acquisition of Peak Consulting Group is part of emagine's expansion plans, where the company, in addition to significant organic growth in key European markets, also must grow through acquisitions. Over the past three years, the strategy has led to six significant acquisitions in Norway, Sweden, France, and Ireland.

The acquisition of Peak Consulting Group is subject to customary regulatory approvals and is expected to be finalized by the end of 2022.

Trine Holm Rasmussen, Anders Gratte, Rikke Bang, Patrick Sorrentino at emagines HQ in Copenhagen.

Trine Holm Rasmussen (Country Manager emagine Denmark), Anders Gratte, Rikke Bang, and Patrick Sorrentino at emagines HQ in Copenhagen.

About Peak Consulting Group

Peak Consulting Group A/S, established in 2006, provides consultancy services and competence development with a particular focus on managing strategic projects and business transformations.

The company, which has its headquarters in Copenhagen and a branch in Oslo, engages more than 150 experienced IT and management consultants every day.

The customer portfolio includes large private companies, ministries and agencies, regions, and municipalities.

Visit Peak Consulting Group

About emagine

emagine, founded in 1994 as ProData Consult, is one of Europe's leading suppliers of high-end business and IT consulting services. emagine offers consulting services through an extensive network of freelancers, Nearshoring-as-a-Service from three hubs in Poland, and a range of Managed Services.

The company acquired the French-based emagine Group last year. Thus, the leading market position in the Nordics and Poland was extended to France, Germany, and Great Britain. In addition to emagine Group in 2021, the company acquired Irish Aspira in 2022, Norwegian Bragd Consulting Network in 2021, Norwegian Amesto Consulting in 2020, and Swedish Sourcing Network in 2019.

emagine has 24 offices and employs more than 450 employees in 10 countries and 4,500 consultants on contract. In addition, they maintain a network of 40,000+ expert consultants.

The objective for 2022 is to achieve 4 billion DKK in turnover.

The company's majority shareholder is Axcel.


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