Gillian Whelan at Aspira with Anders Gratte CEO at emagine

Gillian Wheland is the new Managing Director at Aspira, photographed together with Anders Gratte, CEO of emagine Group.

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Gillian Whelan appointed MD and Country Manager of operations in Ireland

Aspira, a leading Irish consulting and technology firm and part of emagine Group, has promoted Gillian Whelan as Managing Director.

Whelan, who has been with Aspira since 2017, brings a wealth of experience to her new role and is well-equipped to lead the company through its next growth phase as the former Chief Commercial Officer.

Ireland, 5 May 2023

International consulting and technology company Aspira, part of the emagine Group, today announces the appointment of Gillian Whelan as Managing Director and Country Manager to lead the Group’s operations in Ireland.

The appointment comes at a time of sustained growth, with emagine reporting a staggering year-on-year increase of 93% in group revenue to over €603 million in 2022.

Since joining Aspira in 2017 as a Senior Executive, Gillian has made a significant impact on the business, progressing to head up the very successful Project Management Training Practice within the company. She was subsequently promoted to Chief Commercial Officer in late 2021 and is the natural choice for the leading role, as the consultancy evolves and grows through its strategic partnership with emagine.

Gillian is taking over from former Ireland MD Peter Ryan. Peter has moved to a Professional Services focussed role to help lead deployment of this area across emagine’s markets, whilst also becoming Managing Director for emagine’s operations in the Netherlands and Portugal.


  I am looking forward to my next venture as Managing Director of Aspira in Ireland. Being part of the emagine Group family, together we have the opportunity to really innovate and streamline the technology-based services and solutions we offer, which is a win-win for us and most importantly our clients.

Gillian Whelan


Enhancing our offering in Ireland and across Europe

Gillian Whelan said:

“I am looking forward to my next venture as Managing Director in Ireland and it’s an exciting time for emagine as the Group continues to grow rapidly with no signs of slowing down.

Being part of the emagine Group family, we have the opportunity to really innovate and streamline the technology-based services and solutions we offer, which is a win-win for us and most importantly our clients.

We see the rise of automation as a great opportunity for many businesses to develop, whilst freeing up employees’ time for more impactful and rewarding work.

In addition, there is scope for clients to be more resilient and adaptive with digital transformation and application modernisation solutions such as re-platforming. We are enhancing our offering in both areas to support clients in Ireland and across Europe.”

Gillian Whelan from Aspira

Gillian Whelan is Aspira's Managing Director and Country Manager to lead emagine Group’s operations in Ireland.


 Gillian has outstanding experience and expertise and we are very pleased that this appointment comes from within Aspira, supporting the ongoing alignment of our operations and shared values

Anders Gratte, CEO of emagine


Ambitious plans

Reflecting on the appointment, Anders Gratte, CEO of emagine said:

“We are excited to have Gillian leading operations in Ireland and we look forward to supporting her as she starts working on her ambitious plans in this market and builds on the company’s range of services.

Gillian has outstanding experience and expertise and we are very pleased that this appointment comes from within Aspira, supporting the ongoing alignment of our operations and shared values.”

About Aspira

Aspira was Founded in 2007 and the Managing Director is Gillian Whelan.

Aspira is a dynamic, fast-growing international consulting and technology company, founded on real-world experience, and focused on custom-fit solutions.

In August 2022, Aspira joined forces with leading European business and IT consulting company, emagine.


About emagine

emagine was founded in 1989 and is owned by main shareholder Axcel, the Nordic private equity firm, and a group of senior executives and board members.

The group are a leading business and IT consulting company headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark with offices across France, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Sweden, the UK, and India.


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