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Poland, the IT hub of Europe?

Why we think Polish developers are among the best in the world

Poland has become a European talent hub in technology and engineering, and European companies leverage polish coding skills for nearshoring projects. Discover why in this article.

We are convinced that Poland is one of the premier destinations for IT expertise.

This claim is based on our own experience and our clients’ experience; we argue that Polish experts are simply some of the best choices for companies that want access to cross-border IT talent for several reasons.


Quality over costs

Polish developers are among the best in the world, and we believe this is the strongest argument for why Poland should be your preferred nearshoring destination.

The coding skills of Polish consultants are widely recognized as world-class, and developers from Poland are constantly top finishers in Google Code Jam, Microsoft Imagine Cup, and TopCoder. In fact, HackerRank ranks Polish software developers as the third-best in the world.

China ranked #1 with 100, followed by Russia, Poland, and Switzerland as number #2, #3, and #4, with 99.9, 98.0, and 97.9, respectively.
Source and image credit: Hacker Rank via

If you want access to high-end consultants, choose Poland. It’s a quality over costs choice – but that does not mean you will not save money.

With the same experience and skills, the hourly rates of Polish consultants have proved to be much less expensive than Scandinavian consultants, sometimes up to 40 % or less.



 The coding skills of Polish consultants are widely recognized as world-class


Significant quantity

In addition to the high professional standards in Poland, the volume of consultants is also significant.

Compared to any Scandinavian country, the range of skill sets is noticeably more extensive, and 15,000 IT engineers graduate yearly from Polish universities.

Polish students are qualified in a solid education system and have respected academic institutions for technology curriculum on all levels

More than one in ten (10%) IT engineers graduating in Europe are from Poland, and Polish universities have a long tradition of outstanding engineering and IT degree programs.

Furthermore, being an IT engineer and a developer is considered prestigious in Poland. Poland’s brightest students take IT degrees, reflecting the IT consultants’ high level of specialists and expertise.

All of this means you get to hand-pick the exact skills you require – with the assistance of a professional and experienced provider of consultants.

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Quality + a large talent pool = Poland


    • Over 15,000 IT engineers graduate from Polish universities annually; the vast number of IT graduates is 10% of all IT engineers in Europe.
    • Polish software developers are considered the world’s third best, according to HackerRank.
    • Consultant fees are approximately 25-40% less expensive than Scandinavian consultants with the same experience and expertise.
      Poles come from a culture that is closely related to the Scandinavian one.



  15,000+ IT engineers graduate from Polish universities annually



Cultural compatibility

In Poland, you can access a highly qualified workforce, pick and choose to your heart’s content, and even save money – but what about cultural compatibility.

Will Polish IT consultants function well in workplace culture in Scandinavia or Western Europe?

We know from experience that they definitely perform well.

Polish culture is similar to most European cultures, which is an obvious advantage when working together across national borders.

While a more formal hierarchy characterizes Poland’s organizational culture, there are some significant similarities with how open-minded, constructive and critical Polish consultants are in their work processes.


Excellent in English

The EF English Proficiency Index ranks Polish citizens number 16 in the world, with a score of 596 (2022) at a “high proficiency” level. That places Poland at the top among Eastern European countries and Warsaw among cities like Berlin and Zurich.

Among the world’s cities with “Very High Proficiency”, EF ranks Warsaw as number 14 out of 83 large cities (just below Berlin and Hamburg).

Cities with high proficiency” level


    • Nairobi 601
    • Amsterdam 682
    • Stockholm 646
    • Porto 643
    • Johannesburg 641
    • Lisbon 638
    • Zagreb 635
    • Oslo 633
    • Budapest 628
    • Berlin 622
    • Hamburg 622
    • Warsaw 621
    • Athen 616
    • Zurich 616
    • Bucharest 612
    • Belgrade 604
    • Copenhagen 668
    • Helsinki 659
    • Vienna 658

Download PDF: EF English Proficiency Index 2021

Three Polish people talking outside

The level of English skills in large Polish cities such as Warsaw is similar to other cities such as Berlin in Germany or Zurich in Switzerland.


  Polish culture is very similar to western European culture, which is an advantage when working together across national borders.


Many advantages

There are many advantages to choosing Poland as a destination for your nearshoring setup.

Top curriculums

15.000 new Polish IT engineers and developers graduate every year.

High-quality solutions

Polish consultants develop solutions that are on par with the best Western standards.

Similar culture

Polish mentality and culture are similar and comparable to Western European countries.

Excellent language skills

Polish consultants have high proficiency in English – both written and spoken.

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