Regulatory, risk and security

Succeed in today’s complex business landscape of regulations, risk, and security challenges. 


Building resilience with a 360¬į perspective

In today's complex business environment, effectively navigating regulations, risks, and compliance requirements is crucial for businesses to operate ethically, minimize potential risks, and ensure legal compliance. Additionally, it is essential to prioritize cyber security measures to safeguard against potential threats. 

At our core, we believe in taking a holistic approach to establishing a resilient and compliant business. 

Often, there is a tendency to focus narrowly on IT-related aspects. While technical aspects are important, it is equally vital to consider governance, vendor management, and overall operations for a comprehensive strategy.

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Areas of expertise

Cyber security

Data privacy

Regulatory & compliance analysis


Risk assessment & management

Areas of expertise

Combining experience and expertise with an attentive and curious approach. We work closely with clients to understand their unique needs, assess potential risks, and develop tailored solutions that align with their business goals and regulatory obligations. 

What we do

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Combining experience and expertise with an attentive and curious approach.

Cyber- & Information Security

Prioritizing cyber and information security is paramount in our digital society. It is not only safeguarding your assets but the trust of your stakeholder's.

Together we ensure your digital resilience, making you a reliable operator of data and navigator in an age where security is non-negotiable. We collaborate to deliver tailored advanced cyber and information security solutions, leveraging existing measures and holistic protection.

As advisors and partners, we empower you to make informed decisions that enhance your security and operational resilience.

Regulatory & Compliance

Decoding and implementing todays regulatory complexities can be challenging. As advisors, we guide you strategically through compliance landscapes, integrate compliance seamlessly into your operations and foster a culture that exceeds the regulatory expectations. Compliance goes beyond avoiding penalties; it enhances reputation, builds trust and can be an enabler for your organisation's continuous development. We do not only offer to help you to meet standards but to thrive within them, turning compliance into a strategic advantage.

Risk Management

Balancing risks, appetite and prioritisation is no simple task. Together with you we transform challenges into growth opportunities. Identifying, assessing, and mitigating risks, as partners, we enable your decision-making capability striking the optimal balance between risk and reward. Effective risk management is the foundation of resilience. By addressing risks proactively, we ensure your organization is positioned to not just react but to thrive in a world of uncertainty.

Privacy & Data Ethics
Striking a balance between utilizing personal data for innovation and respecting privacy adds a layer of complexity into the operation of any organisation. As advisors, we ensure that data is treated with respect and ethical standards shape your decision-making, creation a privacy-centric culture. Beyond legal requirements, protecting privacy is a moral imperative and ensuring privacy and data ethics will brand your organisation as a responsible handler of information, strengthening relationships with customers and partners. 
Business Continuity & Resilience

Maintaining seamless operations during disruptions, vulnerabilities in dependencies on interconnected supply chains and the unpredictability of natural disasters, pandemics, and other unforeseen events underscores the need for agile and responsive frameworks and the power you to anticipate, respond, and recover seamlessly. As partners, we equip you to thrive amid disruptions, ensuring your organization emerges stronger. Business continuity isn't just about survival; it's about thriving amid challenges. By prioritizing resilience your organisation is positioned as one that can weather disruptions, inspiring confidence in clients, partners, and employees. We don't just offer solutions; we provide collaborative partnerships enhancing decision-making and fostering resilience, ethics, and compliance.

The experts

Meet our experts

Lars m√łlleagaard

Lars M√łllegaard Lauritzen
Management Consultant, Business Unit Director

With a career spanning from strategic consulting to partnership roles, Lars is uniquely positioned to be a key asset for organisations looking to fortify their risk management and cybersecurity strategies. His expertise qualifies him for the role of a trusted partner for financial institutions navigating the intricate landscape of operational enhancement through robust risk management and cybersecurity practices.

Trine √ėksnebjerg

Trine √ėksnebjerg
Management Consultant, Business Unit Director

Trine is an experienced information security consultant who helps clients¬†improve the security of their systems, processes and people, including¬†defining and implementing appropriate solutions to protect the¬†organization‚Äôs data. She has a clear view of how strategies are¬†implemented and works with a strong focus on how the day-to-day¬†business is affected.‚Äč

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Our experience

Our cases on Regulatory,
risk and security


Consultants around a meeting table discussing KYC cases
Case: KYC
Case: Risk & Compliance
Client cases

emagine enables rapid response to Banking client with Bestshore KYC Solution, alleviating Client’s Caseload Backlog

Case: emagine’s collaboration with a lobal banks’s KYC teams by swift assembling specialized teams with tailored skills to solve a caseload of 1.600 cases.

Senior security consultants around a table
Case: KYC
Case: Risk & Compliance
Client cases

For Banking Client, emagine drives efficiency and quality in KYC operations amidst system transition, becoming strategic partner

Case: Faced with the daunting task of managing increased caseloads amidst a system transition, emagine swiftly mobilized a flexible and skilled team, led by a dedicated Delivery Manager, to address diverse KYC needs for Banking Client.

Consultants assessing regulatory documents
Case: KYC
Case: Risk & Compliance
Client cases

emagine partners with Japan’s Leading Bank to ensure regulatory compliance through Managed Services KYC assignment

Case: emagine’s partnership with a significant Japanese bank in solving complex regulatory tasks with a specialized team with expertise. By orchestrating a comprehensive Managed Services KYC assignment plan, analysis of existing systems, proactive customer outreach, and efficient communication, emagine addressed the needs within a tight timeframe.

Case: Risk & Compliance
Case: Tech & development
Client cases

Modernizing the architecture of market-leading risk aggregation and regulatory reporting platform

A global company needed to rewrite its software and had challenges finding the right IT-skills. emagine was found to be a suitable partner.

Case: Risk & Compliance
Client cases

Kick-starting regulatory SA-CVA programme

A top-tier bank required emagine’s Regulatory Practice to kick-start the delivery of the regulatory SA-CVA programme.

Case: Risk & Compliance
Client cases

Empowering an investment bank through Cyber Security measures

emagine was engaged by a tier 1 investment bank to provide consultancy services for a significant third-party cyber security program.