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Extend your team with dedicated experts

Extend your team


emagine has a long track record of servicing more than 500+ blue-chip clients in Europe. Trust our experience; we have the highest hit rate in the industry.

Empower your team with expertise

The need for a specific set of specialist competences often requires urgent attention and swift action as critical business projects, tight deadlines, and innovation depend on them.

Our team extension service provides you with the skills you require in a flexible and scalable set up.

For almost three decades, we have helped leading companies fill the crucial gaps in their business projects with the right expertise and skills.

Extensive experience and strict screening and validation processes guarantee that the specialists and know-how we provide will exceed your requirements and deliver real business impact.

In other words, we only work with the very best consultants.

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Expert insights

Experience expertise as our expert elaborates on the benefits of staff augmentation.



Specialists at scale

Scalability is becoming an increasingly important factor in modern, IT-intensive organizations.

An extensive network of consultants enables us to offer our clients the flexibility necessary to scale whenever needed to navigate and succeed in a complex and ever-changing technology-driven landscape.

With thousands of quality-assured expert consultants in our network, we can deliver and accommodate any need.

We have clients with one consultant and clients with +100. Skills cover a broad scope, ranging from software development to business management and engineering.

Fair competition and fun

emagine has more than 40,000+ highly skilled consultants in our network in Europe.

How it works

Expertise when you need it

An objective, thorough, and systematic process fully supported by advanced IT systems guarantees bias-free matching and timely delivery while ensuring clients have complete control and transparency in the process.


Refine requirements - In close dialogue with the client, we describe and refine the requirements for the specific request.


Search - Based on the refined requirements, we will dive into our extensive network of experts and single out the best consultant for your specific request.


Validate & match - Strict and methodical validation processes help ensure a proper match between client needs and consultant capabilities.


CVs presented - Consultant CVs are forwarded to you. We deliver in a unified format for easy overview and comparison.


Interview - We facilitate a personal interview between you and the selected consultant.


Contract - Price, terms and duration are agreed upon and put down in a flexible contract.

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Where we excel

Access experts within our expertise areas

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Attention leads to partnerships

Our ability to listen, understand and adapt to our clients' and consultants' unique challenges and priorities enables us to create real impact and value, ultimately leading to meaningful partnerships.

We are emagine, and we hear you.

Free for clients


The client module:
A 360° online platform for our clients.

As an emagine client, we offer you free, unlimited access to our online client module. The module gives you complete transparency and a full overview of your consultant usage.




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Staff augmentation

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Advantages of Time & Material contracts

This article discusses the main benefits of extending your team by hiring consultants on Time and Material contracts. You can use these flexible contracts locally on-site or via our Nearshoring centres in Poland.

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Five characteristics of successful consultants

What makes a good consultant? While there is no step-by-step guide or a fixed formula to lead you to the top of the game, some characteristics are prevalent in all of expert consultants. Let us take you through five of the most prominent components contributing to success.