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Do you thrive on challenges? Professionalism coupled with an independent mindset and solid interpersonal skills are critical components of an emagineer.

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The right mix of hard and soft skills is the differentiating factor for an emagineer, making our consultants unique when it comes to delivering tangible results on projects that matter to our clients.


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Access rewarding freelance jobs all over Europe courtesy of end-client relationships with leading brands and large private and public framework agreements.

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As a freelance consultant with emagine you can focus on what you do best. Be the expert, we will take care of the rest.

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Use your hard-earned skills and years of experience to make a difference for leading companies.

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Do you dream of working independently and becoming your own boss? Let's help you make that dream come true.

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With emagine as your consulting partner we provide you with state-of-the-art digital tools and personal support.

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Project manager at a meeting with his team.
Projects & Implementation
Succeed as a consultant

Key considerations for aspiring project managers

This article serves as a guide to all aspiring project managers, discussing important considerations and essential skills needed to excel in this dynamic career.

Projects & Implementation
Succeed as a consultant

From risks to requirements: Project initiation from A to Z

As the first step in the project lifecycle, project initiation is critical in determining the ultimate success of a project. Learn the best practices and key considerations for successful project initiation.

Succeed as a consultant

How to build a unique LinkedIn profile

In this article, our hiring manager and recruiter shares his tips on setting up a compelling LinkedIn profile to help you stand out on the job market.

Expert stories
Succeed as a consultant

Seven mistakes every tester should avoid in QA

Written by a Test Team Leader and emagineer, this article dives into seven key pitfalls within software testing. Discover how to steer clear of these traps, strengthen your strategies, and lead your team toward testing excellence.

Case: Tech & development
Expert stories
Succeed as a consultant

Nx for Angular: A reliable tool simplifying the work with IT projects

Front-end developer explores how Nx can benefit Angular projects and its compatibility with other technologies like React & Node.

Expert stories
Succeed as a consultant

Tips from a consultant: How to optimize your workflow as an IT specialist

Front-end specialist shares his advice on how to become more efficient in your work as an IT consultant, incorporating habits that will sharpen your expertise and act as a gateway to securing better projects

IT specialist working from home.
Expert stories
Succeed as a consultant

Non-functional requirements in the Application Development Process

Within the development process, non-functional requirements emerge as a pivotal factor. The challenge lies in effectively gathering and processing these requirements, ensuring clarity and direction for every member of the IT team. The ultimate goal: crafting a distinctive and dependable end product that offers a seamless experience to the end user.

Expert stories
Succeed as a consultant

Snapshot testing in front-end applications

In today’s fast-paced software development landscape, maintaining application consistency is of utmost importance. One approach that has gained popularity is snapshot testing, and emagineer Kamil Naja is here to take us through the ins and outs.

Expert stories
Succeed as a consultant
Tech & Development

Effective ways to work with Backend

In the realm of front-end solutions, the vital role of back-end applications cannot be overstated. In this article, emagineer Kamil Naja delves into the world of backend development, uncovering effective methods to optimize the process.

Expert stories
Succeed as a consultant

AI support in the development of front-end solutions

Gain valuable insights into the evolving landscape of front-end development as we explore the transformative applications of AI technologies. This article delves into three prominent AI tools: ChatGPT, GitHub Copilot, and GitHub Copilot Chat, and how they can be leveraged by front-end developers.

A consultant meeting two managers at a job interview.
Succeed as a consultant

Consultant interview from A to Z: Cheat sheet for landing your next job

A practical guide to land your next job. The consultant interview is a good opportunity to make a lasting impression. Here you can learn how to navigate your next job interview and land the job.

Succeed as a consultant

LinkedIn optimizations: Make your profile stand out

Six easy gains – you can use them today! In this article, you will learn six straightforward tips on upgrading your LinkedIn profile quickly and efficiently – these changes might make all the difference.

Senior consultant with beard looking self assured
Staff augmentation
Succeed as a consultant

Five characteristics of successful consultants

What makes a good consultant? While there is no step-by-step guide or a fixed formula to lead you to the top of the game, some characteristics are prevalent in all of expert consultants. Let us take you through five of the most prominent components contributing to success.

An experienced consultant smiling in a meeting with two others
Succeed as a consultant

Freelance 101: How to start as an independent IT consultant

Are you an IT expert with several years of experience, and do you dream of working independently and being your boss? It’s not that complicated to start, and we’ve made it easier for you. As a new freelancer, you have many opportunities, but you also face challenges. Check what is required and how to get started.