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Data Quality Manager (m/f)

Reference: CR/074614
Start: 03.06.2019
Duration: 3 mois
Location: Lyon (69)
Language(s): Anglais


For one of our greatest automotive customer, we are looking for a Data Quality Manager to build a Data Quality strategy.

  • This role will be centralized around 3 responsabilities :
  • 1/ To determine the Data processes to improve
  • 2/ To propose solutions to implement
  • 3/ To engage people into this project

Responsibilities / Tasks

These are the main phases of the project :

  • First phase of the project :
  • Pre-study phase which consists in observing the maturity level of DQ domain and then, to design its improvements.
  • -To identify the strengths and the weaknesses of the organization, the consultant will have 3 options to use : The CMM, the DMM or his own model.
  • -To introduce the conclusion of the study (benchmarking results) to the stakeholders
  • 2nd Phase of the project : Implementation Phase
  • 1/ Introduction of the transition plan
  • 2/ To create the Roadmap
  • 3/ Transition Management
  • 4/ To define the DQ tools (to make decisions)

Skills and Profile

Qualification / General Profile

The profile expected for this project needs to have more than 5 years as Data Quality Expert with previous experiences in the Data Quality management implementation proving his great capacity to improve the data management practices of the organizations.

  • Démarrage de la mission : Début Juin
  • Lieu : Lyon
  • Durée : 3 mois+

How to apply?


Si vous avez des disponibilités, merci d'adresser votre CV et TJM à ou de nous contacter au 06 69 72 95 59.




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