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Keeping your business compliant with MiFID II regulations

emagine's MiFID II and Clock Synchronisation expert explains the complexity behind emagine's Time Suite solution and what it has to offer.

The emagine Time Suite is a simple, efficient and cost effective solution to MiFID II RTS-25 Clock Synchronisation Compliance.

With options of full end-to-end implementations including, hardware and software or, just software based synchronisation, the emagine Time Suite fits into individual infrastructural and architectural designs with ease.

With near plug and play capabilities, the emagine Time Suite can be implemented with no changes to the current business’s infrastructure or application code. The emagine Time Suite enables precision timestamps at an application level – fulfilling some of the most challenging MiFID II requirements, such as timestamping the decision to deal.

“Even lightly loaded systems have significant latencies. This creates inconsistencies”. Time Suite identifies and accounts for these inconsistencies, which in turn, enables compliance. (Richard Hoptroff: PhD, Physicist and expert in Ultra-high precision timing)

With full monitoring, reporting and alerting capabilities, compliance is at the forefront of emagine’s solution. Built in redundancies and resiliencies enables this solution to provide gold standard functionality – even if components were to fail (such as the loss of a UTC source).

Built specifically for MiFID II and the financial services, emagine Time Suite software operates on a multitude of operating systems, such as Windows, Linux, Solaris – including legacy instances.

With flexible operating models, the implementation of best practice Clock Synchronisation can be achieved in many ways. emagine offer fully managed and hosted solutions which are fully deployed and hosted by the client and hybrid models – to fit in line with strategic operating models.

With all models, emagine provide full implementation and support throughout the life of the service, this ensures that businesses always have the expertise that they need.

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Ian Gough
Clock Synchronisation Lead
T +44 20 7041 1000




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