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A journey of a special kind

Becoming an emagineer is more than going to work on a daily basis, it is about joining a workforce which is multi-cultural, agile and takes initiative.

As a newcomer, emagine allows you to take center-stage in your career by providing you with a number of diverse opportunities to take on responsibility, as well as the freedom to establish and develop your skills and competencies. You will join an environment which will feed your appetite for success and result in you achieving both your, and emagine’s goals and objectives.

With commitment, confidence and determination, your journey at emagine will encompass possibilities which will ensure that you, not only excel in your field, but become an expert!

Let the journey begin

Hello! You have applied to become an emagineer. Congrats, you've taken the first step!

At emagine, we take great care throughout our recruitment process. It reflects our commitment to communicate transparently with you as a candidate for the entirety of the recruitment process. Here's what awaits you in the next couple of days - from today until your onboarding day.

emagine Recruitment Process

Get some appetite

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Hiring character, training skill: Developing at emagine

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Getting started at emagine

Some info at induction period, 3 months training on the job, xx sessions, ...

Growing at emagine

Some info on how we support personal and professional evolvement

Climbing the ladder at emagine

You will be in your element in one of these emagine roles:

  • Partner Manager: Sourcing and selecting experts for our practices of excellence
  • Service Delivery Manager: Managing the project life cycle with clients and consultants
  • Account Manager: Acquiring business in existing & new clients
  • Team Leader: Growing and developing business and team

According to their expertise, experience and personal goals, emagineers are able to either move from one level to the next (Junior – Intermediate – Senior – Lead) or to switch roles in order to step up the career ladder.

This means you are not restricted to follow a linear development, but are encouraged to develop across different areas and shape your personal career path.

At emagine, we are eager to empower our people to choose the career that best fits their qualifications and ambitions.

Learn more.

Leading at emagine

We are proud to present our emagine Management Internal Training programme, eMIT. eMIT produces the next generation of emagine leaders. The participants have been selected from a league of brilliant individuals, all extremely successful in their job roles, showing great potential in developing further.

By the end of an eMIT round, all participants would have acquired new skills, tools and competences which will enable them to develop, grow and lead themselves, their team and our company.

When we started eMIT, it was considered a full success. The latest round kicked off in January 2019.

Curious to understand exactly what eMIT involves? Have a look at the main facts.

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Gabriel Beyer
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