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What makes us emagineers

[e|ma|gin|eer] (Proper noun)


A multi-talented, ambitious and business focused individual who is eager to develop, grow and unlock their career potential.

emagine embodies a unique entrepreneurial spirit, within our multi-disciplinary teams. As a company, we are an excellent solutions & service provider that strives to make a difference. We help our clients grow and solve their problems by attracting personalities that reflect our key cultures and values. emagine works within an exciting and dynamic business field, which results in our constant growth and overall success.

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"Being an emagineer means that, as an employee, you embark on a journey of both individual and corporate successes. At emagine, we strive to provide first-class solutions and experts to our clients – this is done by encouraging our ambitious teams to harness their desire to learn, develop, and excel in projects. In a nutshell, emagine provides its employees with the keys to boost their employability and the concrete to build themselves a solid career. Join the club!"

Jean-François Bodin (CEO emagine Group)

emagine’s five commandments: Growing talents and teams

Within emagine, we follow some strong everyday guidelines when it comes to developing and growing our talents and teams:

  1. Empowering each person to forge success and to contribute to that of the team is our belief.
  2. Establishing transparency with common, known rules is our obligation.
  3. Developing our people and driving them to excellence is our passion.
  4. Ensuring mutual trust is our creed.
  5. Demanding the best of oneself and of others is our conviction.

We have translated these five commandments into a leadership programme, called eMIT.

eMIT: the next generation of emagine leaders

We are proud to present our emagine Management Internal Training programme, eMIT. eMIT produces the next generation of emagine leaders. The participants have been selected from a league of brilliant individuals, all extremely successful in their job roles, showing great potential in developing further.

By the end of an eMIT round, all participants would have acquired new skills, tools and competences which will enable them to develop, grow and lead themselves, their team and our company.

When we started eMIT, it was considered a full success. The latest round kicked off in January 2019.

Curious to understand exactly what eMIT involves? Have a look at the main facts.

More than just a job

For us, a healthy team spirit, as well as enjoyment outside of the working routine are essential. Once a year, we gather in a unique European location for our exclusive kick-off event. In previous years we have visited Rome, Strasbourg, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, Dublin, Barcelona, Budapest and Lisbon. In 2019, we had a whale of a time in Prague. The whole team spend the weekend together setting the path for the upcoming business year, exploring the city, congratulating our fellow colleagues‘ successes and of course, celebrating in style.


Building value, creating culture

emagine‘s core philosophy equips us with the ability to connect with our clients,
consultants and team members on a daily basis. This results in our all-rounded success.


We are attentive, we listen and learn from each other


We are committed to delivering results


We dare to explore new realms of possibility


We trust each other and work as a reliable team


We think outside the box, with expertise and imagination

emagine Team Facts






Languages spoken

32 years

average age

6.5 years

average number of years of employment


got promoted in 2018


Marion Touzac
Talent Hunter
T +33 1 41 92 56 60




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