Working for emagine

At emagine we are always on the lookout for new employees with experience in the areas of sales, human resources and recruitment. If you know the staffing market well, we can offer you a chance to further your expertise in specific markets and industries. Newcomers to the field are given the opportunity to develop the required qualifications.

Apply now...Apply now...

  • …to make use of various career opportunities that only emagine can offer you.
  • …and benefit from our outstanding contacts to companies and specialists.
  • …because you’d like to take on full responsibility for the tasks we give you and thus have a key role to play in the organisation.
  • …if you’d like to implement your own ideas. Our flat hierarchies ensure that your voice gets heard – wherever and whenever it should.
  • …to enjoy long-term team work.
Expect more...Expect more...

  • …success with your own, clearly defined and realistically attainable goals.
  • …than just one way to progress in your career.
  • …ways to solve problems and more agility through rewarding strategies.
  • …contacts to specialists across the globe through our international database.
  • …support and guidance thanks to our strong back-office team.
  • …personal satisfaction, thanks to our transparent and fair salary models.
We can offer you…We can offer you…

  • …a strong company culture.
  • …a young and dynamic team that offers mutual support and respect for your efforts.
  • …numerous ways to explore new avenues in sales and recruitment.
  • …plenty of room for your own personal development.
  • …a myriad of benefits in terms of pension provisions, family and health, not to mention a great work-life balance.
  • …an organisation that cares about its employees.