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Projects & Implementation

Ebook: Hybrid project management

This ebook introduces the concept of hybrid project management, combining the structure of waterfall methods and agile principles. 

Spread of ebook The future of agile

Ebook: The future of Agile

Get a free copy of our E-book: Read why Agile in 2023 faces a crucial crossing where organizations must revise their approach to the methodology and its organization. Understand how Agile is being applied across different cultures and business environments

Projects & Implementation

Ebook: Effective Steering Committees

Get free copy of our Ebook: The purpose of this e-book is to contribute to a better understanding of the importance of steering committees, their area of work, and which elements are important to them.

Strategy, change & transformation

Ebook: Implementing transformations

Get free copy of our Ebook: Our transformation model revolves around people. Both those who are affected and those who lead the transformation. This means that we not only illuminate the strategic focus areas in a transformation, but we also actively work on how you concretely engage the employees and leaders involved.


Ebook: The fast forward scrum master

Get free copy of our Ebook: The fast forward scrum master. A coaching tool that helps Scrum Masters become successful in their roles fast, without having to learn everything the hard way.

Expertise strategy

The Ultimate Guide to Nearshoring

Get our ultimate guide on how your IT organization can tap into Polish IT talent. Download the e-book and read condensed knowledge, facts and cases about Nearshoring based on our 12 years experience. Download now and get it free.

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