Working in the emagine team

As a member of our international pool of experts, you will work on emagine projects and support our clients with their business requirements.

Collaboration made easy

To find a suitable project for you, all you need to provide is:

  • Your profile so we can see your qualifications
  • A bit of time so we can phone you and get to know you
  • Your ideas so we can discuss suitable projects

Yes, it's as simple as that! Join emagine today and choose between:

emagine is all about ...

Personal connections We see our experts and clients as partners. Our collaboration is based on mutual trust and reliability, and focused on the long term.

Delivering We strive to deliver maximum quality and value, not only in our own work but also in the work you deliver to our clients, thus making tangible contributions.

Understanding We focus on specific industries and expertise, thus understanding our clients' challenges as closely as possible, and being able to offer you projects that match your career aspirations.

Thinking ahead We make every effort to find the perfect follow-up project for you and thus maximise retention.

Enabling We proactively identify and focus on trends in desired skills sets and consequently pool exclusive and high-quality experts, based on their talents, their potential, and our passion for partnerships.

Sustainability We have more than 20 years’ experience and hence know the project market like the back of our hands.

emagine key facts

  • We receive and process 3,000 project proposals each year
  • 300 customers worldwide rely on our freelance experts
  • 60% of recommended consultants who are interviewed by clients are subsequently appointed by the project company
  • 3/4 of our clients work with us and our experts on more than one project
  • To date, our consultants have been involved in assignments in 24 countries