Qualified engineers for planning and development

Perfect support in the early stages of your technology projects

Modern IT has fundamentally changed the way engineering projects are planned. These days, the development carried out in the early stages of a project is generally digital and networked, with multiple tasks running in parallel.

This creates major project uncertainties:

  • The more engineers are involved in planning and development, the higher the risk of errors.
  • Errors can result in immense follow-on costs, particularly with major projects.
  • The increasing number of regulations in the engineering industry and lengthy planning approval procedures are fuelling even higher costs and hindering innovation.

Efficient, forward-thinking project engineers

There is strong demand for specialists with the ability to coordinate complex engineering projects professionally. We give you access to world-class project managers who retain an overarching view of your technology projects and systematically drive them forward.

Looking for a front-line expert like an electronics or mechanical engineer? Or an expert specialised in planning or design? Or a RAMS engineer in the railway industry? Perhaps you need a coordinator to work as a deadline or project manager? Trust emagine as the right partner for your business on a variety of projects related to basic and detail engineering.