Expertise for IT businesses

Driving digital transformation

From IT service providers to software developers and hardware manufacturers: businesses operating in all areas of the IT industry help their customers take advantage of digital innovations. At the same time, they need to overcome challenges within their own business environments:

  • Address the enormous competition and related cost pressures
  • Make adjustments to their own current technological capabilities
  • Comply to environmental protection
  • React on dwindling raw materials

Increasing data protection requirements are also intensifying investment pressures and contributing to the rapid growth of data volumes. As a result, businesses are being confronted with certain challenges associated with data storage, transfer and processing.

If all of these factors are handled correctly, they can become drivers of innovation, helping companies gain a competitive edge.

Wanted: extensive know-how in the IT industry

emagine enables the IT industry to run their most crucial projects. With the support of our specialists, IT businesses are free to focus on their customer projects.

For each application area, emagine provides experts on-demand:


  • Data protection
  • Rules
  • Process optimisation

  • Innovation pressure
  • Energy efficiency

Required know-how

  • IT security
  • Compliance
  • ERP / SAP
    Software development
    Business intelligence
  • Mobile technology, Digital media
  • IT infrastructure