Specialists for new solution approaches in the transport sector

An industry of change and growth

The transport sector is currently experiencing a growth spurt. On their way into the future, companies have to respond to some major challenges, presented by:

  • A diminishing natural resource base
  • The shift towards sustainable energy
  • The worldwide increase in mobility, creating continuously high demand for comfortable and low-cost transport solutions
  • The ecological need for feasible alternatives to car and plane

emagine provides engineers for sophisticated traffic projects

With the engineering specialists from emagine, you’re better placed to act on your industry’s opportunities. Our system engineers, construction engineers and testers boast profound subject-matter expertise. They can:

  • Provide you with the capacity and expertise to realise large-scale infrastructure projects successfully and competitively
  • Help you develop and implement new technological solutions to decrease dependency on fossil fuels
  • Support you in taking advantage of the growing market in electric and hybrid vehicles

Large-scale international project staffing

  • For the construction of a high-speed train in China, we put together a team of 14 experts from seven nations, skilled in all key areas, from technology transfer to quality assurance.
  • Since we started business in the transport sector, emagine has staffed 250 projects. The share of turnover makes up 10 % of total revenue in Germany.