ProData Consult and emagine Group are now officially one

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The two European companies have formally become one as of 1 December. The synergies between the two businesses will pave the way for better services, deliveries, and performance to benefit clients, partners, and consultants alike in the years to come.

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    Jean-François Bodin (former emagine Group's CEO, and now CCO of the new entity) & Anders Gratte (CEO of the new entity)

    Jean-François Bodin (former emagine Group's CEO, and now CCO of the new entity) & Anders Gratte (CEO of the new entity)

    Paris/Copenhagen, 1 December 2021:

    The two European consultancies have obtained approval from the appropriate authorities in the EU and local countries to merge from 1 December. Now the integration will start.

    “Today, we celebrate unity and becoming one company. As a larger company, we have the power to navigate change with better possibilities for our partners, bringing them additional value in the process,” says Anders Gratte, CEO of the new joint entity.

    The companies will now embark on an integration journey and gradually complement and integrate business offerings, processes, and administration.

    “As one united company, we will harmonize and optimize our processes by leveraging synergies across the group to benefit all our business partners. Both emagine Group and ProData Consult have outstanding and dedicated employees who share the same ambitions to deliver high-end services to IT, engineering, and digitalization projects. We look forward to developing, growing, and expanding together,” says Jean-Francois Bodin, CCO of the new joint company.

    Ready for the future

    emagine Group is firmly positioned in business, engineering, and information technology, in France, Germany, and the UK. Whereas ProData Consult is outstanding in talent-centric sourcing of business and IT consultants in Scandinavia and Poland.

    “We look forward to embracing the future when we join these magnificent strengths, creating one fantastic company, and we are committed to delivering top services and solutions,” says Anders Gratte.

    About emagine Group
    emagine Group provide clients with professional advice and expert skills to further develop and maintain their business performance. The focus is to maintain long lasting relationships and look for ways to develop and deliver innovative technology and services to clients. The company had a revenue of 150m EUR in 2020, more than 1,150 individual consultants delivered projects in 24 countries. The company is headquartered in Paris and has offices in France, Germany, India, Ireland, and the United Kingdom.

    About ProData Consult
    Established in 1994, ProData Consult is a leading Northern European talent-centric provider of business and IT consultants. ProData Consult offers its customers time and material-based consultants through its freelancer network, Nearshoring-as-a-Service and vendor management services. The company had close to 200m EUR in revenues (2020) and employs around 150 FTEs. In 2020, the Company had more than 2,600 individual consultants working for some of the largest and most prestigious clients in Scandinavia and Poland. ProData Consult is headquartered in Copenhagen and has offices in Sweden, Norway, Poland, the Netherlands, and Germany.

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